Inspections and Repairs

Understanding Inspections and Repairs in The Villages Florida When buying or selling a home in The Villages Florida, it's important to understand the inspection and repair negotiation process. As The Villages FL Real Estate Advisor, I can provide you with valuable information about how inspections work and how to negotiate repairs. Feel free to reach out to me at 770-312-2982 for any questions or further clarification.1. Inspection Process:
The Buyer will choose and pay for all inspections desired during a 10 to 15-day inspection period. In The Villages FL, we rarely do an AS-IS Contract. The Buyers think AS-IS means there is a problem with the home. The other reason is most Sellers/Homeowners are able and willing to do repairs necessary based on a licensed FL Home Inspector's Report. In our normal Sales Contract, we negotiate the amount of repairs that a Seller is potentially going to have to do based on the inspection report. This amount can be from $100 up to 1.5% of the Sales Price. If the amount of repairs go over the amount that is listed on the Sales Contract, either Seller or Buyer can terminate the contract OR both parties can negotiate to do the repairs.2. Repairs:
Repairs that will show up on the Inspection Summary Report are not cosmetic. They are items functionally not operating properly or items that create problems such as water intrusion. The Seller looks at that amount on the Sales Contract as a requirement to do the entire repair limit so they deduct this amount off of the sales price. But the Seller is only obligated to pay for the repairs that show up on the Inspection Summary Report. The Buyer wants the highest amount of repairs so they get everything repaired on the Inspection Summary Report.3. Inspection Summary Report:
Inspections in a real estate deal encompass many property aspects, including roof life and condition, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms)/Termites, water intrusion and other environmental hazards, stucco cracks, broken vinyl siding, hurricane straps, smoke detectors, appliances, caulking/grout, irrigation system, and wind mitigation used for an insurance discount. While your deal may not require them all, and some may be combined and provided by a single inspector, it is our job to verify that you, the Buyer, line up the proper inspections, schedule them, and make sure that they’re completed on time.4. Re-Inspection:
As the Buyer, you have the right to do a Re-Inspection with the same Inspection Company several days before closing. There normally is a re-inspect fee, so please be prepared to pay for the re-inspection. But it is the easiest and fastest way to verify all the repairs were completed correctly. You will want to schedule the re-inspection right after the first inspection so you are sure to get the date you desire for the re-inspection. 5. Our Expertise:
We are here for our Buyers to assist in these negotiations as, next to selling price, inspections, and subsequent repairs are the biggest killer of real estate deals. Sometimes creativity needs to be applied to keep your home deal moving. We are experts, as we do this every day. We also maintain an extensive contractor list that can yield just the right contractor to get a job done at a price the Seller will agree to in case the Seller needs recommendations of a contractor to get the repairs completed. The key to keeping a deal going with inspection problems is for us to be involved every step of the way, as it is something we do all the time. We will make sure that every resource is employed to keep your home purchase on track. In summary, understanding the inspection and repair negotiation process is crucial when buying or selling a home in The Villages Florida. As The Villages FL Real Estate Advisor, I'm here to help you navigate these unique aspects of the community. Feel free to reach out to me at 770-312-2982 for any questions or further assistance. Let's work together to ensure you have a clear understanding of how inspections work and what to expect regarding repairs.